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Launch Date November 10, 2017

Total Members 3459

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Total Payouts $5,914.85

Last Payout $80.00

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General  is a very unique program, that has a membership community that is oriented towards success.

It is not a get rich quick scheme. It is also an advertising platform for our members to showcase their other business opportunities.


Purchase  positions in our unique Matrix/Cycler plan. You will earn every time you cycle out from our plans.

The earnings will be automatically deposited to your earnings wallet.


You will also earn from referals every time they cycle out from our plans.

Yes we have a facebook group

full of updates, How to videos and photos, payment proofs and lots more.


Yes. You can purchase  1 positions in every 12 hours


If members are buying positions from earnings or cash wallet you can purchase 2 positions every 24 hours

Minimum withdraw is $15 and Max Limit is $150 per day.


1 withdrawl per day allowed 

We accept BitCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, PayPal & Payza.


So you can Add Funds and Withdraw using any of the BTC Wallets of your choice From any company.


(Coin Payments is only the gateway we use to handle all transactions for

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash & Paypal ).


With PayPal Deposit through coinpayments. make sure to pay all PayPal Fees for your transaction. 


Or use your Payza account for cheaper fees.


All payments and withdrawl are fully automated with both Payza & Coinpayments


NOTE: Use coinpayments wallet for faster transactions

Payment processor ID for coinpayments is your bitcoin wallet address from any bitcoin wallet.

Payment processor ID for Payza is your Payza email address.

Yes you can change your payment processor and processor ID.

Just simply change your details in your profile and update/submit.

You must make sure your details are correct and you only enter the required details otherwise the system will not accept it and an error will show. If the details are entered correcly, when you update/submit, your details will change.

Please note Admin has no control over your information, as the system is set up so you the member are in complete control of your money and profile details.

We cannot change your details without access to your backoffice requiring password and support ticket with the issue you are experiencing, if you are unable to enter the correct information.

First you will need to login

Under Finance in the top menu. You will see Add Funds

Enter Amount. Minimunn deposit is $1

Choose your Payment processor.

Payza Or Coinpayments.

( Coinpayments is for all bitcoin wallets from any company. )

Check the box For ' Agree terms & Conditions '

Enter the captcha code on the screen.


when Your Payment has been processed by Payza or Coinpayments it will be directly deposited in Your Cash wallet in the system. Admin has no control ovber the speed at which the processors deposit funds into your cash wallet. The process is all Automated.

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